Apollo Series 65 Sav-Wire Detector Base


  • Allows the Apollo Series 65 detectors to be used with 2 wire conventional fire alarm panels
  • Suitable for use with the following Apollo Series 65 detectors:
    • Apollo Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector
    • Apollo Series 65 Rate of Rise Heat Detector
    • Apollo Series 65 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
    • Apollo Series 65 Fixed High Temperature Heat Detector
  • Detector head locks into the base for a secure fit
  • Simple to install and easy to wire
  • Base recognises when a detector head has been removed and triggers the panel’s fault signal
  • Compatible two wire conventional fire alarm panels

Two wire conventional fire alarm systems allow detectors, call points and sounders to be fitted to the same pair of supply wires, providing a simpler and more cost-effective installation than standard four wire systems. Designed for use with the Apollo Series 65 detectors, the Sav-Wire base ensures compatibility for the detectors to be used as part of a conventional two wire fire alarm panel system. Use of the standard lockable base would render the detectors inoperable for a two wire panel.

Product Code FLAP65SVB
Brand Apollo
Weight 0.10kg


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