6ltr Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher – UltraFire


  • Fire extinguisher rating: 13A, 75F
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3:1996 and CE marked
  • MED approved
  • On-site Commissioning & Installation available
  • Ideal for use in commercial and industrial kitchens
  • Lance applicator provides safe operating distance
  • Spray nozzle complying with EN3-7 Clause 9 dielectrical tests
  • Supplied with wall mounts

Designed to tackle Class F fires (cooking fat fires), wet chemical fire extinguishers contain a special solution that expands on contact with the burning fat, cooling and smothering the fire to prevent re-ignition. Wet chemical extinguishers can also be used on Class A fires (burning solids) and can be added to your buildings fire extinguisher provisioning total.

The capacity of the 6ltr cylinder makes these extinguishers ideal for larger restaurants, catering establishments and industrial kitchens.

Brand Ultrafire
Capacity 6 Litre
Dimensions (HxWxDia) 520x180x161mm
Discharge Range (min) 1 – 2m
Discharge Time 45 – 50 Sec.
Extinguisher Agent Wet Chemical
Working Pressure 16 BAR
Weight 9.30kg


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